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Chad has been an avid outdoorsman all of his life.  He grew up in southeastern Ohio raising cattle, bailing hay, riding horses and just spending all of his time outdoors.  Fishing and hunting were a way of life in rural Ohio.  Work and family eventually put the outdoors on the back burner.  Chad eventually bought a small farm near central Ohio which allowed him to get back into what he has always loved.  Chad has a loving wife who supports his outdoor addiction and a son who enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his dad.


Tommy is an expert outdoorsman that has perfected the art of shooting big bucks.  Tommy has spent most of his life bass fishing but when he started hunting a large family farm in southern Ohio he quickly realized his true passion.  It didn't take long for Tommy to become an expert in hunting buck through research and trial and error.  Tommy has since taught countless others the methods he has learned and perfected over the years.  Now Tommy is sharing his knowledge with a wider audience through the podcast.

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